The IJSC Collaborative invites you to use this webspace.
It’s a place for you, your ideas, your events, & your community.

This Space Is For You!

As a public institution, it is our job to serve the community.
The IJSC Collaborative is a new way for Southern to give back.
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Our Mission & Vision

The IJSCC is an interdisciplinary, people-first initiative dedicated to holding space for conversation, connection, and engaged action. The goal is to foster equity and a deeper sense of community among the people, organizations, and places around us.

To encourage deeper human connection by cultivating empathy and understanding.

How It Works

You have something you would like to do that involves gathering people virtually to connect and and learn about one another and we help you make it happen! Click the button below and we will get in touch with you to see how we can help!

  • Host a conversation
  • Lead a book discussion
  • Hold a panel of speakers
  • Conduct an interview
  • Share a performance
  • Share a great resource

Justice and social change work takes many forms. The IJSC Collaborative aspires to be a hub, umbrella, and catalyst for the work by connecting and bridging individuals, groups, and organizations. Our initial focus is Collaborative Conversations. However, we will continue to develop our work in the following three areas: education, research and partnerships.


Change requires learning. The IJSC Collaborative stimulates formal and informal learning by drawing upon the combined contributions of Southern’s programs, courses, faculty, and staff and the IJSC Collaborative’s many individual, community, organizational, and institutional partners.


Change requires thinking and doing in new ways. The IJSC Collaborative facilitates new opportunities for innovative interdisciplinary, inter-organizational, inter-institutional, and community-based research that will make the world healthier and more equitable.


Change requires collaboration. The IJSC Collaborative seeks to identify and broker partnerships for education, research, policy advocacy, healing circles, self-care, peace work, restorative practice, and socially-conscious evaluation are just a few areas where local, national, or international work takes place.