Image of Hatian Flag with the words "Nou La Nou Pare"
A map of Hairi


Our Mission: At Nou La Nou Pare (We Are Here, We Are Ready), our mission is to safeguard and celebrate the rich tapestry of Ayisyen (Haitian) culture through a dedicated commitment to research, preservation, and the dissemination of knowledge. We aspire to be the beacon for Ayisyen heritage, cultivating a deep appreciation for its history, traditions, and contemporary expressions.

Comprehensive Research Database/Repository: Through the establishment of a comprehensive Research Database, we aim to collect, curate, and make accessible a wealth of information that spans the diverse facets of Ayisyen culture. This repository will serve as a valuable resource for scholars, educators, and enthusiasts alike, fostering a deeper understanding of Ayiti’s (Haiti’s) cultural evolution over time.

Independent Media Platform: In tandem, our Independent Media platform will amplify the voices and stories that define Ayisyen culture in the present. Through documentaries, interviews, articles, and multimedia content, we strive to provide a dynamic and authentic portrayal of the vibrancy inherent in Ayiti’s artistic, social, and historical landscape.

Inclusivity, Diversity, Collectivity: We are driven by a commitment to inclusivity, ensuring that our initiatives reflect the diversity within Ayiti and its diaspora. By galvanizing collaboration and partnership with local and global communities, scholars, and cultural practitioners, we aim to create a collective effort that transcends borders, creating infrangible bridges connecting people around the globe with the richness of Ayisyen heritage. At Nou La Nou Pare, we envision a world where the preservation and celebration of Ayisyen culture contribute to a global tapestry of understanding, respect, and appreciation for cultural diversity.

As Guardians and Stewards of Nou La Nou Pare…

…we seek to awaken the dormant guardians of both Ayisyen culture and integrity.
Together, we stand as stewards of Ayisyen heritage,
dedicated to ensuring its enduring legacy for generations to come.

We are here, we are ready.

Co-Founders: Adelaï Jean-Gilles & Imani Jean-Gilles