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Dr. Rebecca Good
Dr. Rebecca Good

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Join us on 5-18-24 from 9-10am on Zoom to hear our featured presenter Dr. Rebecca Good. Currently serving as the National Vice Provost of Teacher Preparation at Relay Graduate School of Educations, Dr. Good is a teacher of teachers. She has dedicated over 25 years to education which includes as a Miami High School Literacy teacher, New Haven Middle School Principal, and Founder of the first teacher residency graduate school of education in Connecticut.

As a first generation high school and college graduate, she knows the power and privilege of education and worked her way through high school and community colleges to earn a B.A. from U.C. Berkeley, an MA in Educational Leadership from Teachers College at Columbia University, and most recently her Doctorate in Global Education from the University of Southern California where her research on the role of Connecticut legislators in diversifying the teaching workforce has been a catalyst for impactful state policy change.

Dr. Good serves on multiple boards, state councils, and task forces — all with the goal of dismantling racism and injustice throughout the educational ecosystem. Dr. Good resides in New Haven, CT with her family.s Here

Welcome to the CT Black Doctoral Network — a new professional interest and action group to celebrate and uplift Black individuals residing in Connecticut who have received a doctoral degree in any discipline.

In prior meetings of this network we have created a community, discussed mentoring each other and up-and-coming doctoral students, and strategized ways to influence policy and practice statewide.

Most of our meetings are held virtually with an occasional in-person meeting.

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Founder: Dr. Jonathan Q. Berryman jonathanberryman55@gmail.com

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