Engaged in social justice work?
Let’s bridge our silos.

The Integrated Justice & Social Change Collaborative (IJSC Collaborative) @ Southern is focused on organically building new relationships
among community members and amplifying their work.

We facilitate intentional connecting and collaborating
as part of the crucial march toward a more just future.

"If we want a beloved community, we must stand for justice."

bell hooks

Better Together

We are always better together. Let’s do it in new ways and more often.

Deep social change for equity is an enormous task. It requires we all learn to think and do things differently. Yet, our mindsets and social structures make it difficult to connect. We each have a unique perspective on the world and the work. Let’s take more time to learn about growth and change from each other.

brick wall with words Together We Create

Our Current Focus

Supporting Your Equity-Focused
Conversations & Projects

As a public institution, it is our job to serve the community. The IJSC Collaborative is a new way for Southern to give back.

We will help find the real or virtual space, publicize the event, and work with you to determine format and facilitation.

Propose your ideas and we will work with you to make them happen.

ANYONE can propose or participate in a conversation/project. CLICK HERE to see current collaborations.